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OnePlus launches Loaner phone service to ensure you always have a phone in hand

03 April 2020 0

Several tech companies are stepping forward and participating in the ongoing war against the COVID-19 pandemic. They are making huge donations and also developing new tools or programs that could help their users in this distress. OnePlus is also following the deed and doing efforts to offer its users the required care during this period.

Last week, OnePlus extended the warranty coverage and return periods to make things easier for customers. And, now it has launched the Loaner phone service, a program that will help the users stay connected with friends and family when their daily drivers are out for repair. This is the new step towards helping users who are stuck with their impaired phones in COVID-19 distress.

The Loaner phone service by OnePlus ensures you always have a phone in hand even when the repair process goes so that you always stay connected in this pandemic. OnePlus has given steps that tell how this Loaner service works and how to apply for it if your phone needs a repair.

First, you just have to contact OnePlus support, sign an agreement with it and pay a deposit. Then it will offer you a loaner phone that you can use till the time your own phone comes back from the repair center. The company will ship it to the repair center and get it repaired for you. Once repaired, you will get your phone back and OnePlus will ship the loaner phone back to itself and if all goes well, you will receive the refund. Of course, you would need to use the loaner phone carefully as OnePlus will check it thoroughly once it comes back to the company.

The program is first rolled out in the US, Canada, UK, and the Netherlands, as the trial basis and OnePlus hopes to expand the service to other countries later.

Together with this, OnePlus is also extending the insurance period. It is providing you continuous coverage by extending your insurance to May 31 if yours expires between March 1 and May 30. According to the announcement, Users in India, Europe, and North America with insurance claims can directly contact OnePlus support to request claim service.

You can refer to FAQ maintained by OnePlus to get answers on questions regarding warranty adjustments and service plans based on regions.



OnePlus launches Loaner phone service to ensure you always have a phone in hand
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