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iPhone to automatically share Medical ID with first emergency call responders in iOS 13.5

07 May 2020 0

The new Apple iOS 13.5 beta has unlocked a couple of key abilities, including the bypass the Face ID in case of wearing a mask, and the Exposure Notification. However, those are not the only changes that the latest update brings with itself. It has been observed that iOS 13.5 beta also adds an option to share Medical ID during emergency calls.

The iOS 13.5 beta prompts users to review Medical ID and share Medical ID information during an emergency call. This is an option which means you can opt-out in case you don’t want to share your Medical ID whenever your phone makes an emergency call. But if you opt-in, your iPhone and Apple Watch will automatically send the information present in your Medical ID to the one who is answering the call. According to the description, this procedure will speed up the process of getting the right care you need. The company says the new feature will work in conjunction with the Apple Watch Series 4’s and 5’s fall detection tech.

The last step of the setup asks for the permission to share Medical ID even when your iPhone is locked. You can use toggle ON/Off to decide on this option as well, but it is better to switch it On as the responders will be able to get the details before initiating any medical process required by you in case of any emergency.

Apple also makes it clear that if you opt-in to share your Medical ID in case of emergency call and if you happen to be in such situation, the required information will be shared with it as well. According to Apple, when the Medical ID sharing feature is enabled, a call or text to emergency services shared the location and encrypted Medical ID info with Apple. The company will use location to determine whether Enhanced Emergency Data is supported in your area.



iPhone to automatically share Medical ID with first emergency call responders in iOS 13.5
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