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OnePlus 8 Pro see through camera effect shows internal circuitry of a TV remote

15 May 2020 0

In an interesting discovery, it has been found that OnePlus 8 Pro’s color filter camera can see through some plastics that don’t have IR shielding, well thanks to its 5MP camera. As spotted by XDA Developers Senior Member and later confirmed by many, including tech experts and publications, the camera sees through certain types of plastic and shows what’s inside them.

The video shared on XDA’s forums shows the OnePlus 8 Pro see-through camera in action when switched to “Photochrom” filter mode on the camera app. The short demo shows almost the complete circuitry of a TV remote.

Later XDA’s Max Weinbach tested the Color Filter camera as well. The images shared by him on Twitter show the camera can penetrate into some kinds of plastic and reveals what goes behind those objects or products. Also, a video clip shared by Ben Geskin, a concept creator, shows the ability of the OnePlus 8 Pro camera to see through the internals

The camera doesn’t offer a crystal-clear look at the internals of any object but does let you peek into some of the parts. The color-filter camera sensor works mainly on certain types of plastic and as pointed out by DigitalTrends that also managed to test this feature, these plastics can be found at the end of a remote. This is what we see in the image shared by Geskin as well. The end of the Apple TV box shows the internals to some extent.

If you own OnePlus 8 Pro and want to see this new feature by yourself then open the camera app and switch the color mode to “Photochrom.” You will be able to see through non-IR-shielded plastics.

The famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee has also shared a short clip where he was able to test the OnePlus 8 Pro camera filter on to certain products like Oculus Touch VR controllers.

The best look, however, is given by Weinbach where the OnePlus 8 Pro PhotoChrom setting was able to show the innards of a security camera to much extent than other examples. In fact, all of the shots given by him look more like X-ray shots.

The reason behind this behavior is unknown but looking at the results, it appears that OnePlus 8 Pro’s color filter camera is not filtering IR light. On the other hand, standard cameras on other phones have color filters and IR filters to block light that’s outside the visible spectrum.

If the topic has given any interest to you and you want to learn more about it then head over to an interesting investigation done by folks over at AndroidPit as well.



OnePlus 8 Pro see through camera effect shows internal circuitry of a TV remote
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