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Google Stadia works with Android TV using this method

12 June 2020 0

Ever since Google Stadia was made available publically, Android TV users in supported countries have been waiting for the support to arrive. While Google is yet to do so officially, 9to5Google folks have found a workaround that lets fans achieve the goal. The method works after side-loading the latest Stadia application on to your Android TV.

The newest Stadia app version i.e. version 2.19 comes with a new "Experiments" section in the settings. It is essentially a section for experimental features and currently offers only one option. The option is called Play on this device which is set to disable by default. It is meant to let users stream Stadia games on devices that are not part of the officially supported devices list.

All you need to do is to manually install the Stadia app on Android TV and go through the initial set-up process. The next step is to visit app settings and enable the option for playing on the device as explained above. It should be noted that users will need to have a mouse and a controller to be able to navigate through the menus and options.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Stadia will run on Android TV in the experimental stage. It means there is always a possibility that users may not get completely optimized gaming experience. But considering that the app is already working to quite a good extent, it is only a matter of time until Google releases official support for Android TVs.



Google Stadia works with Android TV using this method
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