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Various notable Twitter accounts hacked to spread Bitcoin scam

16 July 2020 0

Even though we keep hearing about celebrity Twitter accounts getting hacked from time to time, the newest hack of the platform is arguably the biggest one. A number of high-profile Twitter accounts including verified ones were hacked in the last few hours with the motive of spreading a Bitcoin scam.

Some of the notable accounts that got hacked belong to Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Apple, and Warren Buffet but there are many more in the actual list. The hackers used these accounts to post similar tweets with a slight difference. They posted a Bitcoin address asking their followers to send money and receive double the amount in exchange.

As one would expect, Twitter issued a statement mentioning that it is aware of the situation and has begun an investigation. It even blocked verified account holders from tweeting anything new and were only allowed to retweet. It was a temporary action as verified accounts are now able to send tweets as usual. In the meantime, the team has also added certain limitations to all Twitter accounts in an attempt to minimize the damage.

It is currently unknown who is behind the hack and how did they manage to hack so many notable Twitter accounts at the same time. Even the number of people affected and the amount of money collected through the scam are unknown. Twitter believes that it is likely to have happened with the help of a coordinated social engineering attack on its employees with access to internal system and tools.

This is pretty much what is known about this massive Twitter hack. We will keep you updated on all the new developments related to the situation including official Twitter statements.



Various notable Twitter accounts hacked to spread Bitcoin scam
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