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Telegram gets 2GB file sharing, profile videos, skin softener, and more

27 July 2020 0

The Telegram team is back with another update that is loaded with new features and changes. As we have seen with the update changelogs in the past, these changes are spread across a wide range of functionalities available with the app. The highlighting features include increased file sharing capability, profile videos, improved people nearby, mini-thumbnails for images, and more.

Starting with the file-sharing limit, Telegram has now increased the limited to 2GB per file. This is a slight increase over the previously applied limit of 1.5GB per file but if we talk about WhatsApp, this is a huge jump over the measly 100MB limit on sharing documents and 16MB on all other file types.

Profile pictures are the traditional way of making one's profile recognizable to others but in recent times, profile videos have emerged as another way of doing so. Telegram is the latest one to add support for profile videos. It is a functionality that lets users use a short video as their profile video instead of using a static profile photo. The best part is that any frame of the video can be used for profile picture purposes which are shown on the top of a conversation.

The native media editor of the application has received a new skin softener feature. It is meant to help users soften their skin which is something we have even seen various phone cameras do by default. This is an optional feature which means it is not compulsory to soften the skin of your photos before sharing on Telegram.

For all the pictures that you receive on the app, Telegram will now show a mini-thumbnail for new image messages in the conversation interface and notification panel. This preview will help you check whether it is a meme or a photo clicked with the phone's camera. It will essentially help you save time by opening the message only if it is a picture that you want to see instantly.

If you are an admin of a group that has a huge number of followers or a public figure, you are likely to receive a lot of messages from unknown people who are not part of your contact list. In order to help your Telegram inbox clean, the app now allows automatically archive messages from non-contact list people.



Telegram gets 2GB file sharing, profile videos, skin softener, and more
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