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Telegram video calls finally available on Android and iOS

17 August 2020 0

After a long wait, Telegram has finally added the much-requested video calling support. The new update brings Telegram video call support to both Android and iOS devices. It currently only offers one-to-one video calling but group calling is expected to arrive in future updates. It is currently in the alpha stage but will be improved with time.

To make use of the feature, simply visit the profile section of the user you want to connect with. The updated app will show a new "Video"option in between other existing ones. Tapping on the option will start the video calling person and if the recipient picks up, you will be able to see and talk to them. There is also support for switching between video and audio calling on the fly.

During the video call, you will get the usual set of controls like muting video or audio, or both at any time. There is also support for picture-in-picture mode so that users can keep using other apps even when in the middle of a video call. This particular feature can be really helpful in various situations like taking notes or browsing through files, the internet, etc as you are talking about something.

All of Telegram video calls are end-to-end encrypted to maintain user privacy and data security. Each video call will show a row four emojis at the top corner which can be matched with the recipient. If they match completely, then it means that encryption is working as expected. Lastly, the team has added a bunch of new animated emojis that can be seen by sending individual emojis.



Telegram video calls finally available on Android and iOS
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