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Facebook Campus builds a special space for college students

10 September 2020 0

Facebook has launched Facebook Campus, a new dedicated section for college students to keep them connected with their fellow classmates. It is not a new platform and rather uses the same old social network Facebook to get started. It is actually a special space and will be accessible from a tab at the bottom of the screen or from the “More” menu alongside sections like Watch, Dating, Gaming, News, Marketplace, and others.

Facebook went all the way to its roots to provide college students with a separate space for all those activities that they would normally do at their colleges. This is going to be private networking within Facebook with a dedicated space to do some fun activities.

If you’re a tech-savvy or an enthusiast, you may know that Facebook was a college-only network in its early days but expanded later to cover the whole world and offer one social network that connects just everyone. You can call Facebook Campus, a subpart of Facebook that aims to connect a specific userbase and this majorly includes teens.

As Techcrunch cites a couple of reports and points out, Facebook is losing the younger demographic. This is because other apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube have attracted this community more. A survey done in the last year suggested that Facebook had lost millions of people in the younger demographic. So, it is being said that Facebook Campus is the company’s effort to bring those lost numbers back.

Facebook touts that Facebook Campus will allow the college students to easily find their fellow mates and start a conversation with them. Students can discover Groups and Events unique to their school and connect with classmates who share similar interests. They can plan virtual concerts and asks for advice with college-only Groups and Events. Also, students can create chat rooms for their dorms, clubs, or any other groups they are part of within Campus. This is a kind of private networking and anything shared on Facebook Campus will not appear elsewhere or other sections of Facebook.

Facebook Campus requires a Campus profile that is different from their main Facebook profile. Techcrunch further reports that the new dedicated space requires an email address (@.edu) to join.

At launch, Facebook Campus is only available at around 30 colleges and universities across the US and Facebook has plans to expand it further, though the timeframe is not given yet. Some colleges are going to have a deeper partnership with Facebook. These colleges have signed up to publish updates and news to their students’ Facebook Campus feed.

Techcrunch’s report provides more information on Facebook Campus. According to the report, students may be prompted to join Campus through a prompt in the News Feed. These prompts may pop to students who regularly visit a supported university’s Facebook Page and ask them to join. "There are also student-led incentive programs where students who increase enrollment are rewarded with Facebook Campus swag, like t-shirts and towels," reports Techcrunch.

Furthermore, students can’t post to their personal profile within Campus and they can only post to Groups, Events, or Chats.

Facebook says this decision helps cut down on spam and allows users to focus their energy on engaging with smaller communities they’re involved with.

Also, Facebook Campus will not include advertising in its Feed. But it will support Facebook’s advertising business. "For example, a user who joined a cooking club on Facebook Campus could be targeted by an advertiser looking to reach users interested in cooking."

Facebook Campus is coming to the following colleges in the US and students at these colleges can find Campus within the Facebook app.

Benedict College; Brown University; California Institute of Technology; College of William & Mary; Duke University; Florida International University; Georgia Southern University; Georgia State University; Johns Hopkins University; Lane College; Lincoln University (Pennsylvania); Middlebury College; New Jersey Institute of Technology; Northwestern University; Rice University; Sarah Lawrence College; Scripps College; Smith College; Spelman College; Stephen F Austin State University; Tufts University; University at Albany – State University of New York; University of Hartford; University of Louisville; University of Pennsylvania; University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Vassar College; Virginia Tech; Wellesley College; and Wesleyan University.



Facebook Campus builds a special space for college students
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