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Amazon subsidiary Ring brings new ways to guard your car and home

25 September 2020 0

Amazon at its virtual, media-only event on Thursday announced a range of new products, including new Echo devices, Fire TV Stick, and new Ring devices as well. The range of new hardware also brings new Eero 6 mesh routers to keep you connected with faster internet.

Amazon’s subsidiary Ring has also announced a new line of devices, including a new car alarm, a new home camera with a drone, and a mailbox sensor.

The new Ring Car Alarm plugs into the cars and it senses bumps, break-ins, two-aways on the roads, and sends you alerts accordingly. It works with an app from where you can customize your needs or do things like activating the siren and see the car’s last-known location.

Also, the Ring Car Connect feature uses your car’s built-in cameras and sends you alerts and lets you watch a recorded video in the Ring app. There is a Traffic Stop feature that lets you simply say “Alexa, I’m being pulled over” to record the interaction and save it to the cloud. This feature will begin a new recording, send video stream to the cloud, and alert a family member that you’ve been pulled over.

You can also use Ring Car Cam’s Emergency Crash Assist feature, which requests help from emergency services at the car’s location in a serious crash.

Ring has also launched an Always Home Cam to keep your home protected and well guarded when you are not around. Ring defines it as a lightweight autonomously flying indoor camera.

You can activate this gadget even when you are not at home. You can operate this flying drone when you are away in case the connected Ring devices detect any unwanted activity like robbery in the house. This is currently available in the US only

Ring has launched one more interesting device and it is called Mailbox Sensor. As the name implies, the device sends you alerts when your physical mailbox gets opened. You get alerts via the Ring app or Alexa-enabled devices whenever the mailbox is opened. Amazon touts this sensor could prove to be helpful when you are expected an important letter or package. There are times when the postman just drops in the letters or courier packages in your mailbox and you do not get to know about them. Mailbox Sensor will send you an alert that your mailbox was opened and there must be any letter dropped in.

These Ring devices will be available between now and early 2021.

Eero 6 Wi-Fi routers

Another Amazon-owned brand called Eero also brought its new offerings. These are the updates to Eero and Eero Pro WiFi routers. Both have received two significant updates, one being the Wi-Fi 6 support, the latest version of the wireless standard for faster speeds and more stable connections. The second change is that both of the routers now have a Zigbee antenna inside. This will allow you to connect your phone to more smart-home accessories through the router.

Both routers will launch on November 6. The Eero 6 will be available for 129$, while the Eero 6 Pro will be available for $229.



Amazon subsidiary Ring brings new ways to guard your car and home
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