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OnePlus Zen Mode 2.0 coming to other Android phones as well

12 October 2020 0

Many smartphone manufacturers offer some exclusivity with their smartphone offerings and with time these special features become so popular that other users want them too on their phones. Take, for instance, OnePlus’ Zen Mode that disconnects you from the digital world and helps you in reconnecting with the ones available in the real world.

Interestingly, this Zen Mode is coming for other Android phones as well. The best part is, OnePlus is making available its newest Zen Mode 2.0 that it recently announced with OxygenOS 11 update for its topmost OnePlus 8 series.

For the uninitiated ones, the Zen Mode from OnePlus allows you to put your phone down for some time and reconnect with the world. When inside in Zen Mode, you schedule a time during which you do not wish to use your phone. This way you can better focus on things happening in the real world, all without any disturbance from the phone.

Now, the Zen Mode 2.0 does more as it aims to disconnect your friends from the digital world as well so that you all can reconnect with each other when sitting together. We often get too busy fiddling with our phones that we forget we have friends and family members sitting around a table and they need our time too. Here when the new feature of the Zen Mode 2.0 comes into play. It is called the Group feature and it forces everyone sitting with to put down the phone and talk or spend some quality time together with friends.

You need to simply create a room in Zen Mode and send a code to invite “anyone” to join. Here’s when OnePlus discloses that this “anyone” refers to “anyone owning any brand of phones – not just OnePlus exclusive.” This indicates the Zen Mode 2.0 is coming to other brands of phones as well.

Note that in September 2019, OnePlus made the Zen Mode available as a standalone app on Play Store but it was still exclusive OnePlus phones. OnePlus says the Zen Mode 2.0 will be fully released soon in Play Store but you can click the link provided below and apply for the test program, meanwhile.

That’s great news for Android users who wanted to have something like Zen Mode. The best part is they are going to get the revamped Zen Mode 2.0. The mode now has a new UI that according to OnePlus, aims to offer your more immersive experience while “zen-ning in.” There are now 5 new themes available as well - Ocean, Space, Grassland, Sunrise, and Meditation. You can swipe left or right to pick any theme.



OnePlus Zen Mode 2.0 coming to other Android phones as well
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