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Google kills Play Music Store to complete YouTube Music transition

13 October 2020 0

Ever since YouTube Music was released, it was set to be the only music streaming destination from Google. It has been working on gradually transitioning all Play Music users and now, it seems to have completed the process. Google has officially shut down the Play Music Store, a place for its users to buy online music.

The decision means Play Music users will not be able to buy or download songs for offline listening anymore. This is certainly sad news for those who were still sticking with the service for some reason. Their only choices are either move to YouTube Music or opt for a completely new music streaming service. The former makes more sense as it will allow them to retain all past purchases whereas they will need to buy those songs again if they will switch to a new service.

Google is currently offering an option where Play Music users can transfer all their purchases to YouTube Music. If someone does not make use of it or does so incompletely, all untransferred data will be deleted permanently. Google Takeout is a method to ensure that you get all of Play Music data backed up and then imported to the other side.

It is expected that Google will also kill the Play Music application before the end of the year. It is very likely that YouTube Music will be the only Google music streaming service starting next year. So if you have not made the jump yet, it is advised to do so sooner than later.



Google kills Play Music Store to complete YouTube Music transition
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