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Oppo X 2021 concept phone with rollable display showcased | UPD: new video

25 February 2021 0

UPDATE (February 25th, 2021):

Oppo has shared a new Oppo X 2021 teaser video that gives a new glimpse of the rollable smartphone. The video was shared during the MWC Shanghai keynote where it also demonstrated no-contact wireless charging tech. The latest clip goes into detail about the rollable display mechanism about what makes it expand and retract. It further talks about the durability aspect of the smartphone.

Original (November 17th, 2020)

At Oppo INNO Day 2020, Oppo has showcased a new concept phone with a rollable display. The phone is called Oppo X 2021 but since it is only a concept phone, it is unlikely to go under mass production anytime soon. The idea behind the concept is to offer a device that has the default display size of a phone but can be expanded to the size of a tablet.

The Oppo X 2021 sports a 6.7-inch display as default but can be stretched to the 7.4-inch size. It will essentially be a phablet in the size of a phone. This will make it easier to carry around as phablets can be too big for trousers. The device makes use of Oppo's proprietary Roll Motor powertrain for the expansion process.

While the main goal behind the concept phone is similar to what foldable phones are trying to achieve, there is one major difference between the two approaches. Oppo's approach will give users the freedom to choose how much they want to expand. The foldable device comes with fixed display size.

As noted by XDA, "OPPO’s engineers have designed a bearing with a slider on the display side with a 6.8 mm arc. This arc allows the display to roll back without any visible folds." This ensures that Oppo's concept phone display does not show any kind or fold signs which is definitely a good thing.

The phone has a 2-in-1 Plate support technology for ensuring that the display panel is well-supported even in the stretched state. It is even helpful in ensuring smoothness for the whole experience. Oppo has applied for a total of 122 patents with a total of 12 patents related to the rollable display itself.



Oppo X 2021 concept phone with rollable display showcased | UPD: new video
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