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OnePlus lists new features that upcoming OxygenOS updates will bring

19 November 2020 0

OnePlus opened the second iteration of its IDEAS platform in mid-September this year so that the users could share their feature suggestions. Fast forward to now, OnePlus has announced what new feature suggestions it has selected to bring to its OxygenOS.

OnePlus has selected seven features after a thorough review and rounds of internal discussions. The first one on the list is an FPS counter. As the name implies, this will track the frames per second for the users and let them know the real performance of demanding games like PUBG Mobile or other similar competitive games. The new counter will be offered in the Game Space and users will be able to look at the frame rate at which a game is running.

The second highly requested and the selected feature is separate volume controls for media and notifications. This feature is planned for next year.

One more suggested feature in the IDEAS 2.0 platform is the lock screen customization. OnePlus has said that it is working on the possibility of customizing components like AOD and the lock screen. OnePlus also conveyed that this is an integral part of the whole OS plan so it will take some time to get implemented.

OnePlus has also agreed to offer wireless file transfer support from PC to phone and vice versa. As requested by a user and followed by the nod of others in the community, this feature will let the users transfer things between smartphone and PC wirelessly, without the hassle of searching for a USB cable. The request is to allow a seamless file transfer process that could be done in a single click. While OnePlus has listed this as a selected feature, it didn’t share any particular timeframe of its arrival. However, it did say that it is already working on improving the user experience of file transfer between the smartphone and PC for some time.

Another requested feature that OnePlus has selected to bring in the future is the control over the draining battery. The user who suggested this also gave a name to this feature – Power Diet. According to the user, the phone should switch to a basic device with limited features so that it can last long when little to almost no battery life is remaining. Basically, users want their OnePlus smartphones to become simple feature phones when the battery is about to die.

The user has also explained how this proposed “Power Diet” is different from the existing Battery Saver mode. OnePlus has found this suggested feature to be a great idea and inferred that it has also observed the value of longer-lasting battery life taking precedence over a more comprehensive application usage experience. OnePlus also thinks it is necessary to implement such a feature. But it didn’t reveal when we could expect this feature to come.

The sixth selected feature via the IDEA 2.0 platform is the Dark mode to be pitch black instead of grey. Users request that they want their OnePlus phones to switch to pitch dark at night rather than grey. To this OnePlus has replied that it also believes the current dark mode should be optimized. OnePlus said “We hope to offer you a smoother experience with more options - for example, an enhanced, weaker and softer dark mode. Stay tuned!”

The last selected feature on the list is “Partial Screenshot.” OnePlus has said that this is one requested feature for many who take screenshots pretty often.

OnePlus has not shared any particular timeframe that could tell when we can expect these requested features. Our best guess is these features are coming in the next year only.



OnePlus lists new features that upcoming OxygenOS updates will bring
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