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How to share YouTube video at a specific time from app using phone

07 December 2020 5

Ever wanted to share only a specific section of the YouTube video from the app with friends? That part of the video where you just found your favorite meme is best utilized and you want your friends to know about this as well? Well, yes, you might have dealt with this innumerable times. There are super long videos available on YouTube but you want your friends to watch only a part of the video because you are a man of culture and believe in doing good always. So, you may wish to suggest them only a part of the video so that they don’t waste their precious time.

Well, this comes pretty handy when you are on your PC because YouTube has provided a direct way to share the video at a particular timestamp. However, it hasn’t provided a direct way on its mobile app.

But there are ways using which you can share the YouTube video link at a specific time from the phone as well. We are listing three methods with the help of which you can share a particular section of a YouTube video at a particular timestamp with your friends.

  • Append the URL of the video link -

Open the video on the YouTube app

Tap the Share button and click “Copy Link” available on the palette of apps installed on your phone

Now, drop the link to the app via which you want to share the app.

Take, for instance, you want to share the video via WhatsApp. So, open WhatsApp and drop the link and now append it with the following format –

[?t=240], where the number denotes the time in seconds. This means you are sharing the YouTube video link at “4 minutes” and the equivalent time in seconds is “240” (60x4). So, whenever you need to share any video, you will need to change that particular timeframe into seconds. In this example, you are telling your friends to directly jump to the YouTube video at 4 minutes to watch.

  • Change to the Desktop site –

Continue with the first two steps provided in the first method.

Paste the copied link on any browser installed on your Android phone and hit Go.

The browser will start playing the video.

Now, click the three horizontal dots provided on the top right corner of the browser and click “Desktop site.” This will change the UI to the desktop version. This means you can now use the direct option “Start at” to share a particular timestamp with your friends.

So, take the pointer at which you want your friend to jump directly and watch. Tap on the “Share” button and click on “Start at” and then copy the new link and paste it to any chat. So, your friend will now directly watch the particular section of the video you want them to see skipping other unnecessary parts.

  • Shortcut

This last method is actually a shortcut to the second method listed above.

Follow the first three steps provided in the second method

Long press on the video and a menu will pop-up

Click “Copy video URL at the current time.” This will automatically copy the YouTube link at the current time from where you want your friend to start watching.

Just paste the link to your friend’s chat or in the group. Your friends will now be able to jump directly to the point from where you want them to watch/

So, these were the three fast methods to share a YouTube video at the current time or any particular time from the Android phone.

Let us know which one you will prefer the most.



How to share YouTube video at a specific time from app using phone
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www.farotech.com/yt This link makes it so all you have to do is paste the youtube link into the generator as well as input the timestamp you would like to share it at and then a custom link will be created so that whoever clicks on it will be sent directly to the video at your desired timestamp!


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