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iOS 14 users complain about not receiving texts, WhatsApp notifications

14 December 2020 0

A number of iPhone users running iOS 14 have complained about an issue where they are not receiving notifications for newly received texts. The issue has widely been spotted within the iMessage application but some users have experienced odd behavior with WhatsApp as well. It was initially thought to be affecting only iPhone 12 series owners but since then, it has been found to be affecting iOS 14 users regardless of the device they own.

The complaints mention that when they receive new texts, they do not receive any kind of alert from the software. It means there are no lock screen notifications, no banners, and no Red badge thing on the app icon. One of the threads on Apple Community forums started in September 2020 and has received numerous responses from other users since then. A total of 5,724 users have marked the thread as "I have this question too". One can easily find similar threads on other forums and discussion platforms as well.

It is quite clear that even the issue is not affecting everyone out there, the number of affected people is still huge. Apple is yet to comment on the matter and as people wait to hear something, they have tried coming up with their own workarounds to tackle the situation. These are essentially hit-and-trial methods like removing and re-adding contacts, disabling iMessage sync with other devices, or killing the app completely after sending a text.

It should be noted that none of these are permanent solutions. These are known to work for a brief period of time and your exact mileage is likely to vary from others. We are waiting for Apple to offer a statement on the matter whenever it does, we will make sure to keep you in the loop.



iOS 14 users complain about not receiving texts, WhatsApp notifications
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