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Two foldable iPhone prototypes pass durability test at Foxconn | Report

04 January 2021 0

Apple is widely rumored to be working on a foldable iPhone for quite a long time and now, we have some fresh developments to talk about. The newest report claims that two foldable iPhone prototypes have passed durability test at a Foxconn factory. The report is coming from a Taiwanese publication called United Daily News.

One of the two foldable iPhone prototypes has a design resembling the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It has a single big display panel that folds inwards with a crease in between. It will likely have a smaller external display as well. The second prototype resembles the Microsoft Surface Duo which has two separate display panels connected with a hinge.

It is unknown whether Apple is considering releasing two different foldable devices with different folding mechanism. One more believable explanation is that it is exploring different folding device designs. This is something we have seen phone makers do before releasing their first foldable smartphone. It would give Apple a chance to try out various possible designs so that it can finalize the best-optimized one.

Lastly, Apple is tipped to have filed a patent application for a foldable iPhone design concept that is nothing like any other publically available designs. It is an approach where the display can be folded inwards as well as outwards. This will give users the freedom of folding the device the way they want to and whenever they want to.

The latest report does not dwell into possible foldable iPhone release date. However, reports from the past suggest that the launch is expected to happen in 2022. It will probably be the biggest iPhone launch event since the release of the iPhone X that marked the arrival of Face ID and a bigger notch.



Two foldable iPhone prototypes pass durability test at Foxconn | Report
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