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LG Rollable with rollable display confirmed to arrive later this year

13 January 2021 0

As LG's CES 2021 keynote was seconds away from ending, it played a short teaser for everyone. The teaser was for the LG Rollable, a smartphone with a rollable display panel. It is the same phone that we have heard about in rumors and now, the first official acknowledgment of its existence has been made.

The teaser starts off by showing a person holding a phone that looks like any other big-screen traditional phone out there. A few moments later, the phone display can be seen shrinking down to a smaller size. This is the whole idea behind making LG Rollable which is to give users the freedom of carrying a big-screen device without being big on the footprint.

This is the same thing that foldable phones are trying to achieve as well but they do have their fair share of issues. There is always a question of durability but some phone displays even show a crease at the center of the fold. The latter happens due to repeated folding and unfolding of the smartphone. It seems like a rollable display could be the answer to having no creases.

LG has not shared any details about the specifications or other features of the device. However, a spokesperson has confirmed to Nikkei Asia that the LG Rollable will launch later this year. He has been quoted as saying, "As it is released at CES 2021, I can tell that it will be launched this year". The specific launch date is still missing but we will keep you posted.



LG Rollable with rollable display confirmed to arrive later this year
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