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OnePlus 9 may feature Moon mode but no periscope camera

27 January 2021 0

OnePlus appears to be introducing some new fancy camera features in its upcoming OnePlus 9 series. This looks apparent from the changes it has made inside the native camera app. Recently, OnePlus rolled out its first Android 11-based OxygenOS Open Beta for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T. The update also upgraded the OnePlus Camera app, taking the version to 6.4.23. This new Camera app update contains new assets, strings, and code that indicate some new camera features are coming. Interestingly, these new features are not yet active or made live on the existing series. This alludes to the fact they might be introduced on the OnePlus 9 series rather.

The folks over at XDA Developers have done an APK teardown of the Camera app to dig out all those inactive and unannounced features that OnePlus might roll out in the near future with the new series.

The tech publication spotted some references to “Tilt-shift” photography that indicate the Camera app might be capable of making scenes appear much smaller than they actually are.

The outcome will look like miniature models. A few screenshots of this feature have also been shared that show how this feature works.

Next up is the Starburst feature that produces a visual effect when pointing at a strong light source, such as the sun. As per the publication, the feature radiates a star-shape effect rather than a dot when you point the camera at a bright source of light. As the publication points out, the camera app is likely to choose an optimal aperture that is both small enough to achieve the effect but also large enough to maximize the overall image sharpness.

One more feature is Moon mode that is similar to Huawei’s moon mode. The feature will let you capture photos of the night sky. The camera app will let you select different filters to adjust the color of the moon. The strings inside the code indicate the app will let you select Vivid, Matte, Black & White colors as filters.

Another feature spotted while doing the APK teardown of the camera app is Hyperlapse. This feature needs no introduction in the photography world. OnePlus phones already let you shoot time-lapse videos. And, now the Hyperlapse option will help you shoot smooth and stable moving time-lapse videos.

Lastly, one string points to the Focus peaking feature. This is likely to highlight any in-focus areas in the viewfinder. The publication was not able to activate any of these newly found features. So, it is likely that the new features are completely reserved for upcoming devices and what could be a better start than the flagship OnePlus 9 series.

Meanwhile, Max J., the tipster on Twitter tipped that the OnePlus 9 or OnePlus 9 Pro is not going to have the periscope camera. There have been some murmurs on the internet that the upcoming series will bear the telephoto or periscope cam. But the tipster who has a pretty good record of offering the right information on the upcoming device has completely refuted the speculations.

The OnePlus 9 isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



OnePlus 9 may feature Moon mode but no periscope camera
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