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Xiaomi's Mi Air Charge technology can charge your phone remotely

29 January 2021 0

Wireless charging technology is becoming quite common with time and a user does not need to buy very expensive devices to get access. It saves you from the hassle of looking for a charging cable but it still requires you to be around the wireless charging pad if you wish to continue using the device as it gets charged. Xiaomi seems to have found a solution for this problem where users will have the freedom to move around.

Xiaomi has announced Mi Air Charge technology that will let users charge their devices remotely. It is being touted as "true wireless charging" as it let users walk around the house and do their chores as usual without the need to be away from the phone. The charging device looks like an air purifier but is being referred to as an isolated charging pile and is a self-developed product.

It comes with five phase interference antennas that are capable of detecting the phone's location accurately. There is a phase control array featuring 144 antennas that use beamforming to transmit millimeter-wide waves directly to the phone. This is what gets the charging transfer wirelessly to your phone which also needs special hardware to receive. A compatible phone or device will have a miniaturized antenna array with a built-in “beacon antenna” and “receiving antenna array”.

A beacon antenna is required to transmitting the phone's location without consuming a lot of power. As for the receiving antenna array, it has 14 antennas and a rectifier circuit capable of converting the millimeter-wave signal into electrical energy. This is the way new wireless charging technology is said to work. It currently offers 5W charging speeds and supports charging multiple devices at the same time. The range of the technology is said to be "within a radius of several meters" but an exact number has not been specified. The good thing is that Xiaomi claims even physical obstacles do not affect charging efficiency.

Xiaomi is reported to have obtained 17 different patents related to the Mi Air Charge technology. It is confident that the technology will be able to support other devices like smartwatches, bracelets, and other wearables in the future. There is no announcement related to the commercial availability of the tech



Xiaomi's Mi Air Charge technology can charge your phone remotely
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