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Motorola demos no-contact wireless charging technology

29 January 2021 0

Just like any other technology, the technology behind phone charging is also evolving and taking different forms. The end goal here remains the same, which is to charge your device in no time. While we are still pretty far from witnessing this prime goal getting achieved, we have covered more than half of this journey already.

What we have today is not lesser than an accomplishment. The highest wired charging tech that has commercialized is 120W on the Mi 10 Ultra introduced in China. Furthermore, Xiaomi is expected to touch a new height with an upcoming 200W wired charging tech as well. Not only that, the Chinese company even introduced 80W wireless fast-charging tech that fills a 4,000mAh phone in mere 19 minutes.

Well, Xiaomi is not alone in this race but it definitely has a better pace over others. Clearly, manufacturers are steadily going up there by launching their innovations. But every tech should be hassle-free as well. That’s why manufacturers started focusing on the wireless fast-charging tech as well so that the users do not have to worry about handling the cables. The tech is indeed remarkable but not superior. It still leaves scope for any other form to come in and serve the purpose. This is when remote charging technology or no-contact charging technology jumps in. The idea is the same but the medium is pretty different. This unlocks a “truly-wireless” charging experience, where your phone makes no contact with the charging dock.

In just a day, two companies have demoed their variants or prototypes, thus giving us a glimpse of the future. We saw Xiaomi introducing the Mi Air Charge Technology and now Motorola has also given a brief demo on its innovation.

A Motorola executive took to Weibo to share a video clip showing off a prototype remote charging station with the branding “Motorola One Hyper.” The video shows there are two phones getting charged over the air. One phone is kept at a distance of 80cm from the charging station and another at a distance of 100cm. The purpose of the video is to showcase that Motorola was able to achieve wireless charging even when the phone is kept 100 cm away from the charging station. The video also shows how charging halts when a person’s hand is placed in front of the charging station. As XDA Developers points out, Motorola appears to have designed the system to halt charging when it detects a person comes in front of the station. This is likely for health reasons.

Unlike Xiaomi, Motorola does not elaborate on the technology or how the whole setup works. But, it is interesting to note that manufacturers are working on the next major thing in the smartphone charging world.



Motorola demos no-contact wireless charging technology
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