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Unofficial Google Assistant client released for Windows, Linux, and Mac

12 February 2021 0

Google Assistant is accessible through a wide range of devices and operating systems barring desktop ones unless you are a Chrome OS user. It is hard to say why Google has not released an official client for PC users but if you are someone who is waiting for that to happen, an unofficial Google Assistant desktop client might help you for the time being.

This particular client has been released by a developer Melvin L. Abraham who has made it available through GitHub. It is powered by Google Assistant SDK and can be used by anyone, even if they are not a developer. It is free to download but the configuration and setup process is not so simple and straightforward. There are a total of 30 steps involved and thankfully, Abraham has shared a step-by-step guide along with screenshots to help anyone who is interested in giving it a try.

Once you have got everything configured, the Google Assistant desktop client's user experience is worth appreciating. It gives you features and functionalities similar to using the assistant on other officially supported devices. It supports both voice commands and text input fields for giving commands. The unofficial desktop client also supports dark mode for those who are fans of the dark mode. The assistant window can be adjusted on the desktop as per your preference and need.

It goes without saying that not everything works as expected because it is an unofficial product but whatever it is capable of doing, it will not leave you disappointed. A couple of the things that do not work the best include Continued Conversations and no always-on listening mode. As for good things, it supports enabling microphone whenever the Assistant window is opened and there is even hotkey support (Ctrl + Win + A) for triggering the assistant.

Since this client is based on the Assistant API which is getting used in a way that Google would not like people to do, there is a possibility that Google might shut it down in the future. But as long as it stays alive and working, it is a client that you would not regret installing after going through a long list of steps.



Unofficial Google Assistant client released for Windows, Linux, and Mac
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