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Telegram now lets you set Auto-Delete timer, create expiring invite links, and more

24 February 2021 0

Telegram has announced a string of new features and changes for its users to help them do chats with ease. The first feature to get added to the app is the Auto-Delete messages and the name is self-explanatory. However, to clear your confusion, this one does need an explanation. Telegram already offers you Secret Chats and allows you to set self-destruct time for messages. So, how the Auto-Delete timer is different from it? Well, the Auto-Delete timer works in all Telegram chats so that you do not have to leave your ongoing chat. Once you set the time, the Telegram will automatically erase messages. It best works in groups where you do not wish your messages to stay for any longer.

You can set an Auto-Delete timer for all participants either 24 hours or 7 days after sending. This sounds similar to WhatsApp’s “Disappearing messages” feature that deletes the messages after 7 days. You just have to On or Off it in the settings. Compared to this, Telegram is offering you another window to select which is 24 hours. Interestingly, the messages in the chat will show a countdown to their deletion time as well.

To enable the Auto-Delete timer on Android, simply tap the three-dot menu on the top right corner of the chat> Clear History then choose a duration. On iOS, press and hold a message, tap Select> Clear Chat (top-left)> Enable Auto-Delete.

Next up is Home Screen widgets. Telegram now allows you to make a widget of your favorite chats and add them right on the home screen. Telegram points out that a Chat Widget shows a preview of recent messages, while the Shortcut Widget shows only names and profile pictures.

Telegram V7.5.0 update has also introduced expiring invite links. Now admins can create invite links of their groups based on certain factors – limited duration, number of users, or both. This is helpful when you want to invite only a few members to your group or do not wish to keep the invitation alive for longer.

Telegram also announced that any invite link can be converted into a scannable QR Code to allow you to put them on brochures or flyers. Interestingly, admins can also see which users joined using each invite link and find out where new members came from or which format has been the most effective for growth. To view and manage invite links, tap to open your Group or Channel's Profile > Edit > Invite Links. Tap (⋮) or (⋯) to convert a link to a QR Code.

Telegram reiterates that its platform lets users add up to 200,000 members to the groups. But if one wants to add people above that limit then Broadcast Groups is the way to go. Telegram claims one can add unlimited members to Broadcast Groups and enjoy sharing their messages/promotions to them as only admins are allowed to compose messages or share anything.

Telegram also says it has improved the Reporting System. Telegram will now ask you to select more specific messages when reporting a fake account. Also, it has added more animated emojis.

Together with these new features, Telegram also announced that it’s continuously working to refine and improve the chat import feature it rolled out last month.

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Telegram now lets you set Auto-Delete timer, create expiring invite links, and more
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