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Samsung ISOCELL 2.0 tech with better light sensitivity announced

05 March 2021 0

Samsung's ISOCELL camera technology is one of the best that has improved smartphone camera quality. It was introduced eight years ago and has undergone different changes to get better at what it is supposed to do. The time has arrived for another such change as Samsung has now announced ISCOCELL 2.0 for future smartphones.

The main aim of the ISOCELL 2.0 tech is to increase the light-capturing capability. It does so by replacing the metallic grid between color filters with new material. The metallic grid is known to absorb the incoming light in a noticeable portion that eventually results in an optical loss. It was improved slightly with the release of ISOCELL Plus where metal barriers were replaced with new optimized material but it still contained some metal.

This is why Samsung has now replaced the color filter barrier's lower portion with a more reflective material. This is said to reduce the optical loss significantly and thus result in better light capture and sensitivity. As for what change you will notice as a user, you will be able to click photos with reduced noise and better color production. This is likely to help with low-light shots as well.

It is important to note that Samsung has only announced the ISOCELL 2.0 tech for the moment. It has not revealed any camera sensors utilizing the new tech. This is the reason it is hard to say when we can expect to see smartphones featuring the tech but if we have to guess, it should happen within this year itself.



Samsung ISOCELL 2.0 tech with better light sensitivity announced
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