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Google demonstrates search tools to help students solve equations and more

24 March 2021 0

Google has added new Search tools primarily focused on students so to bring a helping hand to the students doing remote studies. Google has highlighted five ways using which the students can solve their queries around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Google touts it has added over 2000 STEM concepts to its results so as to offer appropriate answers whenever someone looks to clear their concepts around STEM topics.

Google exemplified the tool with a query over a chemistry concept. Search for chemical bondsand you will have access to educational “Overview,” “Examples,” and “Videos.”

In the sidebar, below to these options, there is one more option called “Practice problems,” that Google has introduced as a second Search tool as well. As the name implies, this tool lets you assess what you have learned using the first tool. It brings up MCQs (multiple choice questions) and tabs featuring content from BYJU’s, Topper, Careers360, and so on. You can click on any tab and start practicing.

Practice problems

It is like all the study material is available under one roof for any student to learn.

It should be noted that these tools were already present on the desktops but it looks like Google is now making them available widely or it wants more students, teachers, and even parents to be more aware of these tools.

Furthermore, the next two tools are also not new and were introduced last year in August. Students can visualize STEM concepts using AR 3D content. So, any AR-capable phone will be able to augment the content into space so that the students can get an even better insight.

3D content GIF

Using the fourth Search tool, one can solve equations. Just type them into the search bar to get the step-by-step solution to it. Google also reiterates that students can use Google Lens to solve the equation. Just take a picture through Lens in Google to get the step-by-step explanations in over 70 languages.

Google Lens problem solver

Google announced that it is partnering with Symbolab, Mathway, and Tiger Algebra to solve even more types of math equations. Previously, while announcing the feature, Google said that Socratic, which it acquired last year had helped it to make Google Lens a mathematical solver.

Last, Google announced that the fifth way would help you solve some tricky STEM equations, like “0.50 moles of NaCI are dissolved in 2.5 L of water, what is the molarity.” Google has announced that in the coming weeks, users will be able to access detailed explanations for complex questions.

These search tools were already present but it appears, Google wants to draw more attention, especially when remote studies are on the rise, and parents and students are struggling alone.

There is no doubt that we turn to Google Search always for almost every query. Google Search has become a synonym for Web Search. In fact, there are so many other search engines present today, but, but we automatically go to Google Search to get appropriate help. It is great to see that Google Search has everything for everyone.



Google demonstrates search tools to help students solve equations and more
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