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Clubhouse Android app now has a definite launch timeframe | UPDx2: Beta release

03 May 2021 0

UPDATE (May 3rd, 2021):

Clubhouse has finally begun beta testing the Android application. The team is referring to the release as a "rough beta version" and is available only to a few select users. It has not revealed details about how to join the beta program or when it will be expanded to a wider number of testers. We will have to wait and see how the initial testing goes and whenever Clubhouse allows more people to join the beta testing group, we will let you know.

Update: April 15, 2021

The last we heard from Clubhouse makers on the availability of the Android app was in March. They said that it will take a couple of months for the app to launch on Android. Now, according to a tweet from a developer working on the app's Android counterpart, we might see the Clubhouse coming on Android as soon as May. In a tweet, she has posted a rough release date that falls in May. No other details are available yet.

Original Post (March 25, 2021)

Clubhouse, an audio-chat app has been making a splash since it was made available on the iOS platform. iPhone users have all rave about the app but unfortunately, Android users are yet to experience it.

In January, Clubhouse did mention that it would begin work on its Android version “soon,” heaving a sigh of relief to the users who have been longing for the app. But how “soon” is soon wasn’t clear. Now, reportedly, the company has addressed this as well.

In its weekly Townhall event on Sunday, Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison mentioned that the company was working “really hard” to come to Android. He later mentioned that it’s going to take a couple of months” for the Android app to come.

It is a great update from the company. Well, at least, we now have a launch timeframe to look at and bind our hopes to. The company should speed up the process, however, because more and more players are jumping into this segment. Existing players like Twitter and even Telegram have launched their counterparts already by adding a feature to their flourishing apps. Telegram recently updated its app to make its Channels into Clubhouse-like chats.

In the meantime, Twitter Spaces has been enjoying its time as its biggest rival delaying the Android app launch. It has gained a sizeable Android user base already and is growing rapidly. Twitter also has plans to publicly launch Twitter Spaces to the general public in April. That would be well ahead of Clubhouse’s said launch timeframe. So, Clubhouse better buckle up for a fierce storm waiting for it already.

However, Clubhouse isn’t sitting idle and constantly working on improving its new app that has become a sensation in no time.

In the same event, Davison also addressed that the company plans to make several changes, including tweaks to the app’s Activity feed, tools to give users more control over the push notifications, and the launch of more personalized features like showing a personalized list of suggested rooms that appear on the screen when you first open the app.

So, while the team is building up Clubhouse’s Android app from scratch, it is also working in other areas so to maintain its graph and offer more flexibility and options to its users.

So, let’s see how Clubhouse is going to deal with new challenges coming ahead and when exactly its Android app come to the market.



Clubhouse Android app now has a definite launch timeframe | UPDx2: Beta release
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