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Spotify Mixes are personalized playlists based on artists, genres, and decades

01 April 2021 0

Spotify is taking its personalized playlists game to the next level with Spotify Mixes. These are a range of personalized playlists spread across three main categories: artists, genres, and decades. These are officially called Your Artist Mixes, Your Genre Mixes, and Your Decade Mixes. Each of these comprises numerous playlists that users can browse through and listen to.

Spotify Mixes is essentially inspired by the Daily Mixes feature launched in 2016. The major difference is that these new personalized playlists have easier-to-understand names and a common theme. Some of the examples shown by the company include 2010s Mix, Selena Gomez Mix, Drake Mix, R&B Mix, Pop Mix, and 2000s Mix. This will help users get a better idea of what kind of songs to expect by simply reading the name as compared to getting confused with names like Daily Mix 1, Daily Mix 2, and so on.

As for the songs included, it will have songs that you have been listening to quite frequently and the ones which Spotify thinks you might like. It means it will be a single place to listen to your favorite songs as well as discovering new tracks based on similar interests. These playlists will keep getting updated at a regular interval so that users never get bored of listening to them.

The good thing is that Spotify Mixes is available for both free and premium users. The rollout has already begun and should become accessible anytime soon. You can look for these playlists under the Made for You section on the home page or by simply visiting the Made for You tab within the Search section.



Spotify Mixes are personalized playlists based on artists, genres, and decades
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