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Reddit unveils Reddit Talk that lets select moderators host live audio chats

19 April 2021 0

A big chunk of the tech industry is adopting the idea of launching audio chat inside their existing apps for the consumers. Well, clearly Clubhouse is the trendsetter here that disrupted the market and forced every kind of social media app to launch their own kind of audio-based chats.

Up until now, we have seen many apps integrating audio conversation features into their apps, with Telegram being the latest example. And now, Reddit has joined the bandwagon too with its Reddit Talk.

The Reddit Talk is a Clubhouse clone that is being fed as a feature inside Reddit. As the company’s official announcement puts it, the feature will let you host live audio conversations in your communities.

Reddit announced that the Reddit Talk feature is currently in the testing phase and allows only select moderators to host audio chats inside their communities. Moderators can conduct auditory Q&As, AMAs, lectures, sports-radio-style discussions, community feedback sessions, or simply to give community members a place to hang out.

While answering to a redditor on this announcement, Reddit reveals that the feature is currently opt-in for moderators. It is available for select moderators who have expressed interest in it.

In the announcement, Reddit expresses that while only select moderators can host Reddit Talk, any redditor on iOS and Android can be a part of it and listen in. Redditors can also react with emojis, and raise their hand in case they want to speak on the ongoing topic. Moderators can invite them to speak.

Moderators have the right to invite, mute, or remove anyone from a talk. They can not only remove the unwanted listeners but also speakers during a voice conversation.

Commentators on the post were quick to compare the new feature with the likes of Clubhouse and even Discord’s Stage system. As you might have guessed right, Reddit didn’t really pay heed to such comments, though it did agree to the fact that many "different platforms are diving into live audio right now." At the same time, Reddit didn’t leave the opportunity to explain why it thinks real-time live voice discussions are necessary.

Reddit tries to convince that its platform already allows the users to use threads, images, videos, chats, and live streams to start interacting with the members. Reddit believes the Reddit Talk feature brings more usability and adds fun.

If you are a community moderator and want to try out Reddit Talk, simply add your name to the waitlist and Reddit will let you know when Reddit Talk will be available. Reddit says that after early testing, it will work with moderators to let other trusted community members host talks as well.

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Reddit unveils Reddit Talk that lets select moderators host live audio chats
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