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Facebook integrates Spotify player to stream music within the app

20 April 2021 0

Facebook and Spotify are deepening their relationship for a new feature. Facebook has decided to deploy a new audio player inside its app that will allow users to stream music from Spotify directly without leaving the app.

According to Techcrunch, Facebook calls this feature “Project Boombox.” Facebook broke this news in an interview with reporter Casey Newton via Discord. The news comes amid Facebook’s Social Audio event where it announced multiple audio products.

The “Project Boombox” will aim to let users stream the songs and podcasts directly from the Facebook app, thanks to an in-app player. Users will not have to leave the app to listen to the songs linked to Spotify’s app. They can stream it directly within the app while browsing other parts of the app. It is understandable that this player will also support podcasts. As per the reports, the feature has already been tested in non-US markets, including Mexico and Thailand and it is expected to arrive in about a week.

According to Techcrunch, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO said the aim of this feature is to make audio a first-class type of media.

He further said,

“We think that audio is going to be a first-class medium and that there are all these different products to be built across this whole spectrum. Of course, it includes some areas that, that have been, you know, popular recently like podcasting and kind of live audio rooms like this, but I also think that there’s some interesting things that are under-explored in the area overall.”

According to the interview, Facebook’s new initiative will launch next week.



Facebook integrates Spotify player to stream music within the app
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