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Google Meet gets a UI refresh with more useful features via new update

22 April 2021 0

Google has announced a new update for its Google Meet app. The new update offers a couple of new features that you have long wanted. But, before become excited, you must know that not all the features are rolling out this month.

First, Google Meet will let you to change the background of your video calls with a video.

Google Meet change background

You can also replace the background with a video. Google states having a video behind your video calls can be more fun. But, I think that would be little distracting for others doing video calls with you. Isn’t it? The new video background change is coming to both mobile and web platforms.

One can choose from the available backgrounds – classroom, party, a forest. Google hasn’t mentioned if one can upload their own backgrounds for the video calls. Google says the ability to change the background will launch in the coming weeks.

Another apparent change coming to Google Meet is a new design. Google Meet now accommodates more content and others’ video feeds on the screen. The ability to pin and unpin content has been improved as well. Google mentions that in the coming months, you will be able to pin multiple tiles to customize what you focus on. For example, you can highlight a presentation and the speaker, or multiple speakers at the same time.

Google Meet reposition your video feed

Another valuable change is the ability to resize, reposition or hide your own video so to free-up some space to see even more people while on the call.

Also, starting this month, Google will add Data Saver to the app, which will limit data usage on mobile networks. This could be helpful in countries like India, Indonesia, and Brazil where data costs are high.

Google Meet low-light mode on web

Furthermore, the low-light mode that was first introduced to Meet on mobile is now coming to the web as well. This feature automatically enhances the brightness of the video if it detects dark environment and underexpose it if it is too bright.

In addition to these features, Google is also introducing Autozoom, a new feature powered by AI. This feature helps others see you more clearly by zooming in and rescaling you squarely in front of the camera. Autozoom will be available to Google Workspace (paid) subscribers in the coming months.

You can try the app right away if you haven't yet by using the links provided here -

Google Meet | Android | Play Store, Free

Google Meet app | iOS | App Store, Free



Google Meet gets a UI refresh with more useful features via new update
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