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Twitter to bring "who can see your tweets" and tool to handle profanity

02 July 2021 0

If you’re an avid Twitter user, chances are you might have felt the need for a feature that could let you tweet to only a number of users than to everyone. It doesn’t matter if someone has a Private or a Public profile, the need for tweeting to a specific bunch of users is real.

The reason could be anything from maintaining a private space to sharing common interests with the people you want to. Everyone wants to use it in a different way and hence requires additional features too, which perhaps weren’t available before on Twitter. Interestingly, this is about to change now, according to Twitter designer Andrew Courter.

Courter has shared some screenshots via tweets that show how the feature might look once it goes live. The caption clearly mentions that the company is exploring a bunch of ways to control “who can see your tweets.” Currently, there is no way to limit who can view your tweet. The tweet you make gets visible to everyone in your follower list or to everyone in case you have a public profile. You can make your tweets “Protected” from Settings but then the tweet will still be visible to all your followers.

As per the screenshots, once the feature goes live, you can select between the two “Everyone” and “Trusted Friends” while tweeting. The latter will let you tweet to only a group of users you choose. This looks similar to how Facebook lets you post to a person or a group of people and how Instagram lets you choose “Close Friends” while you make a Story.

Courter also reveals that in your timeline, you will also see the tweets from your “Trusted friends” first, so that you stay in the loop and do not miss a tweet from your chosen list of friends.

Make Facets of your personas using a single account

There is one more feature that Twitter is working on. As per Courter, Twitter will let you use the different personas you have on the platform and that too from only one account.

One of the screenshots shows four different “Facets” of a user named Brad. One seems to be an entirely public profile, the second Facet is titled “Brad at Work,” which means the user might tweet about his professional life here. The third is “Daddy Braddy,” which is a Private account and it is self-explanatory, and the fourth is “brad on a bike” which features a “Request to follow” profile.

For comparison, on other social media platforms like Instagram, you have to make different accounts for doing different things. Some influencers or public figures on Instagram maintain a separate private account as well where they closely connect with their friends and family. Interestingly, Twitter will let you do everything and maintain different facets of your life from just one account.

Currently, it is unknown how many personas Twitter will allow you to make per account. Well honestly, it is still not bad if the allotted size to every single account is four Facets only.

Users landing to your profile can choose which facet of you they would like to connect. And, it will upon you who you want to let in, just like you currently do while being a Private profile.

Setting boundaries in conversations

In his different Tweet thread, Courter also gave a glimpse at how the company is working towards handling profanity on the platform.

Courter says users could filter replies by choosing words or phrases “they prefer not to see.” Twitter will show up a message to anyone replying or mentioning you with those cuss words or abusive language. Twitter will notify them that it goes against your wishes. So, there will be no space for any kind of accident or typos as well, because in your defense Twitter had notified them but they chose to ignore it.

What’s more interesting is, you can set some automatic actions in case people still ignore your reply preferences. The screenshot shows there are two ways to do that. If you choose the first option, Twitter will move such replies to the bottom of the conversation automatically. You can also choose the second option "Mute accounts that violate twice." This really sounds like an amazing addition and a powerful attempt at handling profanity on the platform.

It is unknown when all those features will come to the platform. But we are eager to see them soon. What about you? Tell us using the comments section below.



Twitter to bring "who can see your tweets" and tool to handle profanity
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