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Samsung's new Eco2 OLED display consumes 25% less battery

17 August 2021 0

Samsung Display has announced its newest OLED display tech named Eco2 OLED. It is officially pronounced as Eco Square which stands for Efficient power COnsumption + Eco-friendly COmponent. The new panel tech is said to deliver significant battery efficiency as well as improved Under-Panel Camera (UPC) performance.

In comparison to conventionally used OLED panels. the major difference is that Samsung's Eco2 OLED does not have a separate polarizer layer. This is an opaque plastic sheet that is usually attached to the display panel to avoid external light reflection and to also boost the contact and visibility aspects. The new tech features a "first-of-its-kind" integrated polarizer

This change of polarizer execution is claimed to have resulted in up to 25% better power efficiency and up to 33% transmittance rate improvement at the same time. This is in comparison to the previous display panel techs that rely on traditional polarizers. The team noted these figures after the usual internal testing.

The good thing is that the new Samsung Eco2 OLED display tech has already made its commercial debut. It is available with the recently unveiled Galaxy Z Fold 3 foldable smartphone.

Sungchul Kim, President and Head of Mobile Display Business for Samsung Display said,

“The Eco2 OLED is a groundbreaking technology that significantly lowers power consumption by improving upon panel design that has been the industry norm for years. With the shift to 5G and devices with larger, foldable screens, the industry needs energy-efficient components that offset the battery life concerns that these technologies can bring. In addition to the Eco2 OLED, Samsung Display will continue to optimize technologies and produce organic materials that reduce battery drain.”



Samsung's new Eco2 OLED display consumes 25% less battery
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