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Telegram garners over 70M users during Facebook's hours-long outage

06 October 2021 0

The big news of this week has to be Facebook’s massive outage and how this mishap turned into an opportunity for its direct competitors. The not-so-brief downtime of Facebook and its subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram helped its rivals to welcome new customers and it appears Telegram has benefitted the most out of it.

On Tuesday, Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov took to his Telegram channel to announce the platform welcomed over 70 million users during the outage of Facebook. Calling the new users “refugees,” Durov shared that Telegram experienced a “record increase in user registration and activity” during the blackout of the social network Facebook and its subsidiaries.

Durov also addressed that due to the surge in demand for the app, many users in America may have experienced slower speeds than usual. This is particularly because “millions of users from these continents rushed to sign up for Telegram at the same time.”

However, it remains unknown, how many refugees continued to be on Telegram after Facebook and its subsidiaries resumed. We believe many users might have returned to their favorite messaging app after spending a brief time on Telegram, majorly because of familiarity with their previous app. Having said that, we presume the number of refugees returning to their favorite app can't be too large to hamper the big number that Telegram managed to gain without doing anything. So, it is still a win-win for Telegram.

WhatsApp’s outage became a boon for several other messaging apps as well. Twitter, for instance, indicated that Facebook’s outage had helped it garnering a good amount of user base, but it didn’t share the exact numbers as Telegram.

Also, Signal, a cross-platform messaging app took to Twitter to share that millions of new people joined Signal.

It is fascinating to see almost every competitor gained a pretty chunk of this fiercely competitive market without doing anything. They might not have gained so much attention in their respective marketing campaigns that they managed to harvest alone during this time.

Just so you know, together with messaging app WhatsApp and Instagram, social networks’ other apps like Mapillary and Oculus also went globally unavailable. The outage remained for around seven hours and in the meantime, users turned to other options to stay in touch with their loved ones or continue their important conversations.

In fact, the outage also prevented users from accessing third-party apps that require login via Facebook.



Telegram garners over 70M users during Facebook's hours-long outage
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