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Android 12 is now released to eligible Google Pixel phones

20 October 2021 2

Google has now made the Android 12 OS available to its Pixel phones, starting with the Pixel 3. The company released the first public beta of the OS during the I/O developer conference in May and later released several following betas.

It is worth noting that Google officially released Android 12 by pushing the source code to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) but it didn’t make it available to smartphones. Google took the Pixel Fall Launch event as the right opportunity to release the next major OS upgrade to its eligible Pixel phones.

As it has been sung enough times, the Android 12 brings Material You design and focuses on privacy and security features. The Material You design aims at enhancing personalization on the device. It allows users to set the UI their way; users can pick a custom color palette and new widgets as per their perspective.

Android 12 also aims at optimizing the overall user experience with better power efficiency.

Together with the hardware support that comes through Titan M2 and Tensor security core, Android 12 aims at keeping your privacy protected. The OS brings a list of new privacy-focused changes to provide better privacy controls. There is a new Privacy Dashboard that tells what data is being accessed by which app. A new indicator will also appear on the top-right corner of the screen when any installed apps access the built-in microphone or camera.

Google also announced that for the first time the company is able to extend its support window. So, every Pixel 6 user will get 5 years of security updates and 3 years of OS upgrades. "That ensures you have the latest and most up-to-date protection."

Android 12 update is rolling out for Pixel phones, starting with Pixel 3 and above. Once you receive the update notification, click on it to download the update. You can also manually check for updates by going to System and then clicking on Advanced and selecting the System update.

In addition to the earlier Pixel phones, Android 12 will be available to devices from manufacturers including OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme in the coming future.



Android 12 is now released to eligible Google Pixel phones
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