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Twitter's pinned DMs feature now available for everyone

18 February 2022 1

Twitter has announced a new feature to improve the overall direct messaging (DM) experience. It is the ability to pin one's favorite or frequent conversations at the top. It will help users access these conversations faster and also differentiate them from the rest of the clutter, especially if you happen to have a large following on the platform.

The feature was originally released for Twitter Blue subscribers but is now available for everyone. It allows pinning up to six conversations at the top. A conversation can be pinned by swiping left on an iOS device. If you are an Android user, you will need to tap and hold on to the particular message.

The good thing is that Twitter's pinned DM functionality is available on the web as well. It can be accessed by hovering the mouse over a particular conversation and then clicking the three-dot icon. It goes without saying that once you pin a conversation through any of the platforms, it will get synced across all the devices you have.

Twitter has been busy rolling out new features to keep users engaged on the social media platform. It recently expanded Spaces recording to all the users on Android and iOS. It was also reported that it has a new Articles feature under development. It is currently unknown what the feature would do but it is speculated to allow users to post lengthy tweets without breaking them apart.



Twitter's pinned DMs feature now available for everyone
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