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Twitter testing 'Leave this conversation' to help you remove yourself from threads

23 February 2022 5

Twitter is a platform well-known for people engaging in deep conversations that turn into long threads. This sounds good for those who are active participants in those threads but can be a dreadful experience for those who get tagged unwantedly. It is also not ideal for those who were part of the conversation but do not want to be anymore. These situations are now expected to get better in the near future as Twitter has been spotted working on a new feature.

Jane Manchun Wong, a well-known app researcher, has tweeted that a new Twitter feature called Leave this conversation is under development. She has shared a screenshot of the onboarding screen of the feature. It reveals that leaving a conversation will result in your username getting untagged, no future mentions, and no more notifications related to that thread.

It is important to note that the thread will continue to be visible as it is not a blocking feature. It is primarily meant to help you get rid of continuous notifications and unwanted mentions. It will specifically be beneficial for people with a significant following as they often find themselves getting tagged in completely irrelevant conversations.

There are no words when and if Twitter will actually release the feature. It is also possible that the company may decide to ditch the feature. Either way, we will keep posted you about all the future developments.



Twitter testing 'Leave this conversation' to help you remove yourself from threads
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