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Apple's Studio Display will work with Windows but with limitations

10 March 2022 2

Apple's recently revealed Studio Display is probably the best monitor for Mac users but what if you are on Windows and want to use it? The answer will likely leave you with mixed feelings. As confirmed to The Verge by Apple, Studio Display can be used with a Windows machine but only in a limited capacity.

Apple says Studio Display should work with Windows just like any other normal monitor. It means those users will not be able to use any of the interesting features that make the display different. The 12-megapixel camera on the display will work as a simple USB webcam with no Center Stage. It is a feature that focuses on the person during a video call or video recording.

The incompatibility expands to other Apple features as well. These include Spatial Audio and "Hey Siri" hotword recognition to trigger the virtual assistant Siri. This is not surprising as all these features have been made available through macOS. Even the resolution output will vary from one Windows machine to another depending on what it is capable of. This simply means that it is very unlikely that your PC will be able to support 5K resolution.

The Studio Display is priced at $1,599 which makes it an expensive product, especially considering the limitations for Windows users. It has three different stand options that all cost above $1,500 each. The monitor will be available for purchase starting March 18th i.e. next week.



Apple's Studio Display will work with Windows but with limitations
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