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Instagram chronological feed returns with 'Following' and 'Favorites'

24 March 2022 2

Instagram is finally bringing back reverse chronological feed to the application. It is the order of the feed where the latest posts from accounts you follow appear first. This is how the feed used to appear in the early days of Instagram but with time, it implement artificial intelligence to look for posts that you may find interesting and started pushing them more.

The return of reverse-chronological feed is happening in two different forms: Favorites and Following. The latter will show you posts from every single account that you follow. It will put recent posts at the top and then arrange the rest of them in the same order of the time they were posted. It is all about starting updated with every account that you are following.

Favorites is essentially a collection of up to 50 accounts that you like to follow the most. These can be your family, friends, or favorite celebrities. You can easily add or remove any account from this list whenever you feel like it. Instagram says those account users will not get notified, does not matter if you add or remove them.

Posts from your Favorite accounts will also appear higher in your standard home feed. As for switching between Favorites and Following categories, it can be done by tapping the Instagram logo in the top right corner. It will offer a drop-down menu where you can choose the category from which you want to see posts.



Instagram chronological feed returns with 'Following' and 'Favorites'
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