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Apple considering selling iPhone as a subscription service

25 March 2022 0

Apple already makes hundreds of billions of dollars by selling iPhones around the world but is now considering doing something to further boost those figures. As per Bloomberg, Apple has plans to sell iPhones and other hardware devices like a subscription service. This will be similar to subscriptions that users pay for apps and digital services.

iPhones currently can be purchased by paying the full amount outright, monthly installments, or through carrier subsidies. The new method is said to be comparable to an auto-leasing program. It is said to be totally different from monthly installment schemes where the total cost of the device is equally split across 12 or 24 months. The Cupertino-based tech giant will surely charge a fixed monthly fee but it has not been decided yet. Also, it will vary depending on the particular model you are subscribing to.

It is believed that users will be able to use the same Apple ID for subscribing to hardware devices that they use for buying apps, games, and other content from the App Store. There is also a possibility that Apple may allow users to upgrade to a new device as and when the company launches one. This is another aspect that would make it different from monthly installments.

The new program is said to be under development for quite some time but Apple has not gotten around to releasing it to the public. It is expected to launch later this year but could either get delayed into 2023 or canceled altogether. If the program actually becomes available for the public, it will surely help the company get a lot of new users. We do know that Apple products are one of the most aspired ones but not everyone can afford them due to their high prices.



Apple considering selling iPhone as a subscription service
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