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YouTube starts testing time-specific emoji reactions for videos

29 March 2022 0

YouTube currently allows users to share their views about a particular video by either liking/disliking it or leaving a comment. This not only helps content creators but also other users get an idea of whether it is worth watching. It is now experimenting with a new way to share one's feelings about videos which is officially called timed reactions.

Timed reactions will allow users to leave emoji reactions at a particular timestamp of the video. It is similar to how users can send message reactions on apps like Instagram, Twitter, and iMessage. The only difference here is that YouTube's emoji reactions can be sent at a particular timestamp. It is an extension of another feature called timed comments where can comment at a particular time in a video.

All emoji reactions for a particular moment will be stacked together and visible to all the viewers. The good thing is that these will be anonymous and no one can see which user left which reaction at what moment. YouTube has currently added support for eight emoji reactions: Face with Tears of Joy, heart, Shock(?) Face, Party Popper/celebration, 100%, question mark, Light Bulb/idea, and Screaming Cat.

Another thing to keep in mind is that timed reactions are not available on all YouTube videos yet. This is because YouTube is experimenting with this feature and has added it to only a few channels. It will decide whether expand or scrap the feature based on user feedback. As for how to add reactions, all supported videos will show a reaction panel when the comments section will be opened. The user can choose the appropriate emoji reaction from the panel and send it.



YouTube starts testing time-specific emoji reactions for videos
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