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Facebook announces Messenger shortcuts for silent messages, GIFs, and more

30 March 2022 5

Facebook Messenger already supports various shortcuts to help users converse in an efficient manner. It has now announced a couple of new shortcuts to make the conversation experience even better. It further previewed two more shortcuts that will become available to users later this year.

The two new Messenger shortcuts that are available for usage are @everyone and /silent. The first shortcut is for when you want to alert everyone in the group about a message. It is a lot more convenient than tagging every person in the group. This will ensure that every group member receives an alert for the text.

Similarly, there are times when you want to send a message that does not require immediate attention, or maybe the recipient is in some other time zone. You do not want to interrupt the other person by sending such texts and would prefer them to check and reply whenever they can. This is where /silent comes into the picture as Messenger does not notify recipient(s) about texts featuring this shortcut.

As for upcoming Messenger shortcuts, /Pay will allow users to quickly request and send money during individual conversations. It will automatically bring up the payments interface where you have to enter the amount and a description. It will be made available for both Android and iOS users in the United States soon.

If you are someone who prefers to use GIFs during conversations a lot, Messenger is preparing a new /gif shortcut for you. A user will need to type a keyword after the shortcut to get relevant GIF search results. This should make the whole process of finding the perfect GIF a lot faster and more convenient. It will first debut on iOS devices with no words on the Android release yet.

Lastly, Messenger users can use shortcuts /shrug and /tableflip to send ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ emoticons respectively. It will help users save time as they do need to type in the emoticon manually or search for it somewhere on the internet and then copy-paste into the conversation.



Facebook announces Messenger shortcuts for silent messages, GIFs, and more
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