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Android 13 may support two connections on a single eSIM

05 April 2022 2

It has been a couple of months since Google started beta testing Android 13. It is currently available in the developer beta version and is meant to help devs prepare their apps for the next major Android version. It also offers a glimpse at what new features and changes to expect going forward. One such important new feature has been spotted and shared by Mishaal Rahman of Esper.io.

Rahman says Google is working on a solution that will allow a single eSIM to support two different carrier connections, starting with Android 13. The name of the tech is Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP) and is based on a patent that Google received sometime in 2020. It will eliminate the need for OEMs to go with one eSIM and one nano-SIM or with two eSIMs if they wanted to provide dual-SIM functionality.

There are a lot of technicalities in how the tech works but to put it in simpler terms, Google is basically splitting the existing SIM interface into two digital connections.

Rahman says in the blog post,

"Google is proposing the creation of logical interfaces that are multiplexed on a single physical interface. Each logical interface can then provide an independent communication channel between a SIM profile and a modem, so there’d only need to be a single actual physical connection to the modem. No rewiring is needed, so existing devices with a single eSIM chip wired to a modem can theoretically support MEP."

The major benefit of the tech is for OEMs which will be able to save up space by not having to add physical SIM card slots or double eSIMs. This precious space can then be used for some other components like maybe a bigger battery. It is believed that Android 13 will mark the debut of two connections on a single eSIM but it will not be Android exclusive. Other major platforms like Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Windows can also implement it.



Android 13 may support two connections on a single eSIM
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