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This is our early look at Twitter's edit tweet feature and how it works

18 April 2022 0

Twitter has always maintained its stance on the edit tweet feature as no but that changed for the first time earlier this month. It tweeted that the feature is under development and will be available for Blue subscribers in the future. No other details were shared but thanks to reverse engineers Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) and Nima Owji (@nima_owji), we have received an early look at the feature and how it might work.

Starting with Paluzzi, he shared a couple of screenshots to show the edit tweet functionality in action. The Edit Tweet option is accessible by clicking the three-dot icon on the web that you see once the tweet has been posted. Clicking the option gives you the tweet composure pop-up but with an Update button instead of Tweet.

Owji on another hand has created and shared a GIF of using editing a tweet. The way to access the new option and use it is the same as explained above. However, he adds that it is not possible to change your tweet's audience for the time being. It means let's say you shared a tweet to which everyone can reply, you will not be able to change that to no one can reply.

It is currently unknown whether Twitter will add a time duration limit for letting users edit a tweet. It may also implement other restrictions around the usage of the feature to reduce the chances of it getting misused as much as possible. Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), another reverse engineer, has tweeted that she expects Twitter to show the edited tweet as a new tweet with a new tweet ID instead of updating the old tweet with the new content. It is unknown whether users will get to see previous versions of the tweet.

An important thing to note is that the edit tweet feature is in the early stages of development and testing. There is a good chance that things will change as time will pass. It is even possible that we may see it in a completely different form than now once it launches for everyone on the platform.



This is our early look at Twitter's edit tweet feature and how it works
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