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Latest Telegram update adds custom notification sounds, auto-delete messages

18 April 2022 9

Telegram is back with a new update that adds a bunch of new features and changes to the app. As always, the update covers a wide range of usability aspects of the instant messenger instead of focusing on something particular. The key highlights include support for adding custom notification sounds and the ability to auto-delete messages.

It is now possible to add an audio clip as the notification sound for individual and group chats on Telegram. The app has received a new option to upload custom audio files from your device. It is accessible from within the notification settings. Once the audio file has been uploaded successfully, it can be selected as a notification sound similar to preset ones. The audio file duration should be up to 5 seconds long and weigh up to 300kb.

The app is further giving users more flexibility when it comes to muting notifications. It previously offered limited-time durations for using the mute options but has now added a lot more options. One can now choose to mute notifications for months instead of just days. There is also an option called Disable Sound which if used will deliver notifications silently. It is useful for times when you do want to receive notifications in real-time but do not want to get disturbed when they arrive.

Telegram has made it a lot more convenient to enable the auto-delete setting for chats. It can now be done by visiting the user profile and choosing Enable Auto-Delete after tapping the three-dot icon. One can also choose the amount of time after which the chats should get deleted. The maximum available time limit for the feature is one year.

The app now supports forwarding messages including replies. This will be applicable to those forwarded messages that also have reply previews. Telegram says it is up to the user if they wish to hide the sender's name and/or media captions. If you are a bot developer on Telegram, the app has received support for JavaScript so that you can create bots that are as feature-rich and interactive as browsing a website.

The update further includes more languages translation support for iOS users, improved picture-in-picture support on Android, and new animations as you interact with the app. There are also a bunch of new animated emojis and all of them are food emojis. These include burger, pizza slice, fries, hotdog, taco, cake, and pastry among others.



Latest Telegram update adds custom notification sounds, auto-delete messages
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