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Telegram Premium paid subscription to offer exclusive benefits | Report

02 May 2022 11

Telegram is one of the biggest instant messaging applications out there. It has hundreds of millions of monthly active users and like any other business at this scale, it needs to generate revenue for not only to sustain itself but also to grow. It talked about offering premium features more than a year ago. The latest leak reveals it may have finally started to roll out those changes.

As per the Telegram Beta channel, Telegram's beta version 8.72 features a bundle of stickers and emoji reactions that cannot be used for free. These are labeled as exclusive to Telegram Premium which appears to be some sort of a paid subscription. The screenshot shows the following text, "Unlock additional reactions by subscribing to Telegram Premium". It is followed by a button that will allow the users to unlock these reactions.

It is reported that if you get access to these reactions and send them to someone who is not a Premium user, these reactions will not be visible to that user. They will also see the same interface where they will be asked to unlock the premium subscription. This makes sense as it will help the company to convert more and more free users to paid ones.

The report further claims Telegram may also be working on an avatar creator. It "would allow users to combine simple or patterned gradients with their favorite emoji or sticker or even just a monogram". There are no words on what would be Telegram Premium pricing and whether all these benefits will be part of a single subscription. We will keep you posted on all the developments as more details will emerge.



Telegram Premium paid subscription to offer exclusive benefits | Report
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