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Here is how Twitter's edit tweet feature and edited tweets may look like

03 May 2022 0

Twitter's much-requested edit tweets feature is under development for quite some time now. Even though it became public news only after Elon Musk's deeper involvement, the company has maintained that it has been working on the feature before that. We have had a leak revealing how it might work and now, we have a fresh leak revealing what it would look like.

Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) has tweeted a screenshot showing edited tweets in action. It shows that such tweets will have the Edited label next to the date and time of the tweet. Clicking or tapping on the label will bring the edit history for the tweet so you can check what was tweeted originally. This is something that should be helpful in reducing the misuse of the feature.

She further added that in its current form, Twitter is allowing changing the complete content of the tweet. There have been speculations that Twitter may only allow making changes to the original content, like changing the spelling or correcting the grammar. We will have to wait and see what approach is followed at the time of public release.

Wong has further revealed that Twitter re-uploads media files when a tweet is edited. This is true for videos, images, and even GIFs that you have already uploaded. Ideally, it should be re-using the file that has already been uploaded once. Another issue that was spotted was the mishandling of the media file. It turned the video into an image at the time of re-upload.

These observations make it clear that Twitter is currently far from releasing tweet editing for everyone. These issues are likely to be fixed by the time it becomes available for everyone. We will keep you posted on all the new developments.



Here is how Twitter's edit tweet feature and edited tweets may look like
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