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Twitter Circle will let you share tweets with selected users

04 May 2022 0

Twitter has begun testing a new feature called Circle. It is aimed at allowing users to share their tweets with select users on the platform. This is similar to Instagram's Close Friends feature where your stories are visible only to those users who are part of the close friends' group. It is useful when you want to share a tweet with only a select few.

A Twitter Circle can have up to 150 members and they do not need to be following you to be a part of it. Since the feature is currently in the beta testing phase and available only to randomly selected users, the only way to know if it is available for you is to send a tweet. The app will automatically suggest you create a Circle while composing a new tweet.

It will show you a list of users that can be added to the Circle by tapping the Add button next to their names. One can also search for a particular user using the search box at the top. If you want to remove any user from the circle, there will be a Remove button to next their name. Once the Circle has been created, the app will always let you choose whether a particular tweet is meant for everyone or just the circle.

Only Circle members will be able to view and interact (except for retweeting) with the tweet. A member is also unable to check the complete list of members. It means whoever you choose to add to the circle will only be visible to you. However, they will be able to see who else has liked or replied to the tweet. This will give them an idea of who else is part of the circle.

A member cannot remove themselves from a circle but they can choose to mute the conversation. This is helpful when you are part of a circle but do not wish to participate in the conversation. Twitter Circle is accessible through Android and iOS apps along with the web version. However, we do not know when it will become available for everyone on the platform. It is also unknown whether users will be allowed to create multiple circles.



Twitter Circle will let you share tweets with selected users
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