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Google, Apple, Microsoft team up for passwordless future

06 May 2022 0

Passwords are currently the go-to way for protecting one's online data and accounts. These have been under use for decades but considering how users either use the same password everywhere or go for easy-to-guess passwords, we keep hearing reports of data breaches. This is the reason FIDO Alliance and World Wide Web Consortium have been working on a passwordless sign-in standard that will work across all devices and websites.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft have now come together to implement the passwordless standard on their respective platforms. It is a huge boost for FIDO and WWW's efforts as these are the big three of the tech world. It will quickly bring the standard to a huge number of users spread across a wide range of devices.

The new standard works with the help of the user's smartphone when you will try to sign in to a website or an app. The phone will store a FIDO credential known as a passkey. This is what will be used to authenticate your identity and thus allowing you to log in to the particular account. The user will simply need to unlock their phone and that's it. It will support all phone unlocking methods like a fingerprint scanner, facial unlock, passwords, and PIN.

The announcement reveals that your unique passkey will sync with your cloud account. This will allow you to keep using it conveniently even if you change devices. However, the passwordless standard will be rolled out over time in the coming year. It means you should not be expecting to see it anytime soon.

Mark Risher, Senior Director of Product Management at Google said:

“This milestone is a testament to the collaborative work being done across the industry to increase protection and eliminate outdated password-based authentication. For Google, it represents nearly a decade of work we’ve done alongside FIDO, as part of our continued innovation towards a passwordless future. We look forward to making FIDO-based technology available across Chrome, ChromeOS, Android and other platforms, and encourage app and website developers to adopt it, so people around the world can safely move away from the risk and hassle of passwords.”



Google, Apple, Microsoft team up for passwordless future
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