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WhatsApp message reactions, bigger file size limit, bigger groups are here

06 May 2022 9

WhatsApp's latest update is here and is packed with features that we have been hearing about for quite some time. The biggest change is support for message reactions. There is also an addition of bigger file size limits and bigger groups. All these features were under beta testing for so long and are finally available for prime time.

Starting with message reactions, it is now possible to react to WhatsApp messages using emoji reactions. There are currently six emoji reactions to choose from Thumbs Up, Red Heart, Face with Tears of Joy, Face with Open Mouth, Crying Face, and Folded Hands. These reactions can be used for both individual and group conversations. If there are multiple reactions to a message, you will see the total count as well.

The next new WhatsApp feature is an increased file sharing size limit to 2GB. It means you can now share files up to 2GB on the app. This is 20 times bigger than the previous limit of just 100MB. WhatsApp recommends that users opt for WiFi before sharing bigger files. It will further show a counter for both file uploads and downloads so that you can get an idea of the estimated time taken.

Lastly, it is now possible to add up to 512 people to WhatsApp groups. The limit has now been doubled which was previously set at 256 people. This is beneficial for people who want to form big communities on WhatsApp.



WhatsApp message reactions, bigger file size limit, bigger groups are here
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