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Apple stops accepting credit, debit cards for app purchases in India

06 May 2022 0

Apple has stopped accepting debit and credit card payments for apps and subscriptions in India. The decision has been taken due to the new auto-debit rules for auto-recurring payments set out by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) last year. The only way for Apple users to make those purchases is to add funds to their respective Apple IDs.

It should be noted that Apple has not made any formal announcement regarding the change. Many of the affected customers have tweeted about the situation where they are unable to pay using registered debit and credit cards. App Store is showing these cards as Not Supported on Apple devices. This is the reason auto-renewal is also not working for users who have reached due dates for their ongoing subscriptions.

RBI's new regulations require banks to get permission for users via Additional Factors of Authentication (AFA) for allowing automatic recurring payments. If this is not in place, all such transactions will get declined. Merchants will need to set up an e-mandate if they wish to charge money automatically for recurring payments. Also, the customer will need to offer his consent every time if the payment amount is more than INR 5,000. These rules have been in effect since October 1st, 2021.

As mentioned in the beginning, Apple ID funds are the only way a user can make payments for apps and in-app purchases. Netbanking, UPI, and Apple Store Codes are the ways a customer can choose to add funds to their IDs. The new guidelines have surely affected almost all the merchants as well as customers but that is how it is now.



Apple stops accepting credit, debit cards for app purchases in India
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