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Telegram Premium officially confirmed to arrive later this month

13 June 2022 11

Telegram has officially confirmed that it will launch a paid Premium subscription later this month. The announcement was made by Pavel Durov, CEO and co-founder of Telegram, through his official channel on the app. This confirms all the rumors that we have been hearing about paid features coming to the application.

His post says even though Telegram already offers a lot of features that are well ahead of the competition, there are users who have been asking for even more. This is something that will lead to Telegram's server and traffic costs skyrocketing which can be avoided only through paid offerings. It is the reason the team thought of Telegram Premium, a way for those users to pay and get those advanced features.

Durov says the paid subscription will allow anyone to get access to additional features, resources, and speed. These include support for uploading extra-large documents, media, and stickers. He adds free users do not have anything to worry about as their user experience will remain unchanged even after Premium's arrival.

All of Telegram's existing features will continue to be free. Moreover, free users will also be able to view documents, media, and stickers sent by Premium users. It means the paid plan is required only for sending them. The plan will become available later this month but a specific date has not been revealed yet. There are no words on the pricing either but it will likely vary from region to region.



Telegram Premium officially confirmed to arrive later this month
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